1279 - Young Lady Standing, Waiting
1279 - Young Lady Standing, Waiting

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BRAND NEW PRODUCTION, by Barclay, the "First Family" of figures for over three generations! The new master pattern, molds and finished product are all made "in house" by us! Now you can finally expand your layout without having to deal with over-priced beat-up originals, or even worse, shoddy wares from China! Standing approx 1 5/8" tall. Colors shipped may vary from those shown. As always, Barclay figures are hand made right here in the US, just as they have been since 1925! The Barclay name has been synonymous with great figures, and I'm proud to carry on that tradition - sure, you can probably find others offering similar figures, but remember, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!! I've literally scrapped and re-melted better stuff than I've seen others trying to sell!

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