"What The Hell Is Going On Over There?"

Posted by Big Chief Barclay

OK, my apologies if I'm coming off a little snotty here, but I'm exhausted........Just wanted to take a minute to touch base with my customers, and give you a little "behind the scenes" glimpse as to what's been going on here....."What The Hell Is Going On Over There"?  was the subject line from a scathing email I received from a customer, who was waiting for his order for one WHOLE week (never mind the fact he lived in Oregon, and even if I shipped it two days before he even ordered, it probably wouldn't have been there yet)
      There's nothing shady going on, you're not in the process of getting cheated or anything nefarious.... I don't know how many of you actually read the home page, or just jump into shopping...so, in case you were a "non-reader" :  People tend to see a website, and they somehow automatically put you on the same plateau as Amazon....We are a VERY small company, literally, my wife and I...we do commit a huge amount of time to the business, but, we're also humans, and also parents. Sometimes, like you, we get busy with family stuff, and we also get sick....
     To that end, my wife had been in the hospital for practically the entire month of October, so half the workforce was missing here....On top of that, I had to go running all over the place, doing those "daddy things" trying to keep the house from caving in in her absence....she's been home for about a week now, and we're finally starting to make a dent in the pile of orders that has accumulated, so please, be patient, we do realize you've been waiting, and we are working on getting everything out as quickly as possible!
     Thanks for your understanding, and more importantly for your patience.....As many of you who are long time & repeat customers know, this isn't the way things usually work around here, it's just been that that past month & a half have been VERY unusual.....
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I hope your wife is doing better. Best wishes for a healthy, happy Christmas and an even better 2017! I started my daughter and her family on this collection and my son and daughter-in-law on their collection as well as adding to my own, which my husband had as a child. Each year it's such fun to add to our pieces. I am thrilled to see my grand daughter picking out the next pieces now!! Thanks so much for continuing with this wonderful company! Alice 12/14/2016
You are a part of my family's Christmas traditions. Hoping all is well, soon. Philip T. 11/15/2016
Thanks, I appreciate it! I assure everyone, I'm working my hardest to make sure everybody gets their stuff, I'm well aware of how many of you return every year to add more figures to your collection, and I am humbled & honored to become part of your family's Christmas, through our figures! admin 11/16/2016

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