And Awaaaaay We Go!!

Posted by Big Chief Barclay

And so, now with Halloween behind us, we shift into high gear, and I turn to the blog, to keep customers informed as to what's happening here in Barclay-Ville. As of now, everything's under control, and orders are going out pretty fast, so if you have an order in mind, now's a good time to get it in. It always amazes me how fast things can get un-hinged and backed up, but right now, I'm enjoying what passes for a "casual" 12 hour day here. Once Thanksgiving approaches, we shift out of high gear, and go into overdrive, and we go roughly 14-16 hours a day, seven days a week. 
     As usual, like most of you are probably doing, too, I'm sitting here, wondering where this year went. I know from the looks of the website, it seems like there hasn't been much happening lately, but that's because most of the work has been "back shop" kind of work, things like re-doing the shop, making new molds, taking new pictures, etc.  I'm hoping to have paper copies of catalogs available early next year, you'll be able to order them on the web-site. One of the MAJOR setbacks of the year, was the loss of the man who did our sculpting. He was an old-line model maker, who worked with a few of the major companies, way back when.....unfortunately, he passed away at the age of 96 over the summer, so now I'm scrambling, trying to find a new model maker who can duplicate his style, so there is a good line of continuity between his work and the new pieces.
     Hopefully, I'll be able to find the time to post more blog stuff as well. From the many emails I received, and those of you who I've chatted with at toy & train shows, it seems like many of you enjoy reading my random ramblings. Well, that's it for now, fellow Barclidians. Time to get back to my work, as the melting pot is finally up to temperature.
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Do you accept orders from small dealers with wholesale prices? Bob Dimitri, The Toy Doctor 11/19/2017
Yes, we do wholesale as well...Too late for anything this Christmas season, though...please send copies of your business certificates & re-sale info to us at: Barclay Products Co, PO Box 605, Manorville, NY, 11949 Thanks! admin 11/19/2017
Have you ever considered offering a winter classics set? I believe that's how my mother acquired original winter pieces in the 1960's. Also, do you have a list of what the original pieces were? Tom 11/13/2017
I tried offering sets about 15 or 20 years ago, and the project was an abject failure......Problem being, people would see on color scheme they didn't like, so they'd turn down the whole set....It also presented an inventory head-ache, as if I ran into trouble or delay with one piece, the remaining pieces were un-sellable until that missing piece was completed..... admin 11/13/2017
My mother had a number of Barclay figures from back in the early 50's, when I was a kid. I inherited them, and have been occasionally adding to my "Village" collection with a few items, that I have found in antique stores, and estate sales. I just happened to find this site, this morning. Would like to add some pieces, but wondering about sizes. Are all the Christmas figures, skaters, etc. the same size? Love your site. Angelo 12/27/2017
Sizes are all listed in the item descriptions.....I'll be making new master mold patterns next year, so the sizes of some items will be more compatible, as some have "drifted" a little over the years..... admin 12/27/2017
Any new soldiers scheduled for 2018 ? I hope so !!!! Roger Kennedy 1/17/2018
No "new" soldiers planned, but I have so many styles that have never even made it to the web site yet, I'll be finally getting them up.....The soldiers are largely a labor of love, they never account for more than 10% , usually closer to 5% of our total sales... admin 1/21/2018
I was so happy to find your site!! Our Christmas village growing up featured your figures and they bring back fond memories. I have been happy to collect these from sellers to create my own memories. I had no idea you are still producing these. I am looking forward to adding some new figures to my village. Carol Lietke 1/6/2018
My order arrived and it is beyond perfect! A million thanks! I have many original pieces and I am adding to them to be able to create "villages" for my children now that they all have families of their own. I may give them all the old pieces and get new ones for me! Each piece is exactly like the old- but better painting and in some cases better finishing of the actual lead piece. You are amazing and I will be ordering again once the new year is upon us so we can keep you warm this winter. Thank you and have a very Merry Christmas! Ellen rainie 11/13/2017
Thanks for your kind words, glad all arrived well & met with approval! admin 11/13/2017

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