And So Ends Another Christmas Rush....

Posted by Big Chief Barclay

    And so ends another Christmas Rush, and it was indeed BRUTAL this year.....outside of my wife, there have been numerous other issues, that I really won't go into here, but trust me, by early this week, things were pretty ugly much so, I spent most on Monday in bed with chest pains & dizziness....all stress & anxiety related, according to my doc, but, let's not dwell on that.......I'm happy and proud to report, that as of this very moment in time (4 PM Dec 15th) every single order that has come is has been taken care of!!  Only one or two people got partial shipments, but I'll still be sending packages out throughout next week, so 99.5% of the grunt work is over!!
    I want to thank everybody who waited so patiently, I just hope everything proved to have been worth the wait. If you waited a while, I assure you, that's not the way things usually work here, it's just been one heck of an unusual season..... I hope all of you have a happy holiday season, and a fantastic new years!  Now, I'm going to the post office for the final "big shipment", and I'll spend the rest of the night in front of the fireplace like a zombie.....Ho, Ho, Ho!
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Even though it is past Xmas, I would like to order some skiers for my grandchildren. Elaine T Smith 1/18/2017
Go right on ahead! We're not just a Christmas company, we do this all year round! admin 1/18/2017
I just love Chief Barclay. They really try to please every body and each item you purchase is individually wrapped in tissue paper than wrapped again in bubble wrap. There is no way you will get a chip or even a scratch through the mailing process. They are as professional for a merchant as you can get - even customer oriented which is rare these days. Best of all, it is worth the wait as your order is very carefully and professional created by hand. Talk about detail - it takes time to make the quality product The Barclay Company puts out. It's not a mass production process. Rather, each item I have purchased is spot on, or in other words perfection. The Barclay Company lives up to it's long deserved good reputation. I ordered more winter classic miniatures today to avoid the Christmas rush in 2017, Elizabeth (Betty) Page 12/16/2016
Thank you very much for your kind words, they mean a lot to us, and go a long way morale wise, especially this time of the year when everybody just seems to be in "Gimmee, gimmee, gimmee, Now that I have it, I don't need you until next year" mode......This year has been especially difficult for us, to the point where I was actually thinking of packing it in next year, because the stress levels on me and my family (our 6 year old has been acutely affected) just aren't worth it anymore.....But, kind words such as yours, make me realize there are people out there who "get it" when it comes to "The World Of Barclay"......Thanks again, and Merry Christmas..... admin 12/18/2016
Enjoyed your post..and wish you a happy new year. I love your figures and have a good many that I enjoy on the shelf or my layout. Most I have purchased over the years at York. Thanks for your fine work in producing the figures. David Hayes David Hayes 1/15/2017
I read the posts and love the large scale figures. Always worth the wait. Let's face it. No one does what you do. Standard gauge Lionel without Barclay figures is like a Christmas tree without the trim. I am a collector. Rest and enjoy the New Year!! Thanks and regards , Art Donley 1/10/2017
Do you have a physical store/workshop/warehouse that we could visit? Perhaps buy some items to take home? I have a few vintage figures (iceskaters, skiers, etc.) and would like to buy a bunch to give to my girlfriend for Christmas to make her own display like we used to do with a mirror and some cotton...nostalgia. Godfrey Townsend 11/27/2017
Not at this time, sorry.....Rents here on Long Island are just way too high to justify it.....No "warehouse" or "factory store" either, as a "HUGE" run for us is 100 pieces....this time of the year, stuff goes out faster than we make it, so even I did have some sort of retail outlet, the shelves would be empty..... admin 12/2/2017
Thank you again for sending my items. I have added to our original collection, from my husband's mom, as well as adding to our married daughter's and married son's collection. It is so special to see our grand daughter getting excited when she is looking at and moving her pieces at her home and at our home. She was the one who picked out the pieces that we did not have, she's only 3 and 1/2! We will have to decide what we "need" for next year! I hope your family has a restful time now and best wishes for a very happy and healthy 2017!! Alice C. 12/29/2016

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