New Year, New Plans, New Products, New Ideas.....

Posted by Big Chief Barclay

Back in the shop & office, FINALLY!!  Got sick on my vacation, so I put off coming back for a few days, then had to take a quick business trip.  Well, now that I'm back, here's some ideas I've been bouncing around, and hopefully you'll get to see some of them this year!

 - Replacement parts: I keep getting bombarded with emails from people looking for skis, helmets, etc.....So, there will be a replacement parts section added to the website! Since I make the molds, there will be no "cast" parts available, like rifle tips, heads, arms, etc, because the castings from my new molds will not be size compatible with the original figures you may be repairing.

 - Vehicles: I know many of you have seen them sporadically at the toy & train shows I attend, but this year I hope to really get the vehicles nailed down!

 - "Accessories" : I hope to expand into this area, with road-side billboards, fences, etc.  The main problem with this is, Britains and so many of the old companies pumped out so much of this stuff, that many customers would rather spend the couple extra bucks, to get an original piece....still thinking about this...The billboards ARE under way, I will put them up as they are completed. If you see one you like, jump on it, because they'll more or less be "one offs" that I'll be making as time permits.

 - More Blown Glass Ornaments!

 - More figures all around!

 - People have been asking about a return of the "Vintage Village" of now, I still haven't found a suitable supplier

Anyway, just wanted to touch base with you, now I have to run out & meet the little guy's bus.....
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Where are you located? I understand these pieces are basically reproductions of the antique/vintage pieces we had his children. Are they made in United States? Carol R Levy 2/7/2017
We're on the East end of Long Island...Yes, the figures we sell are made in the USA.....I'm the guy who does the mold making, casting, and the bulk of the painting, which is why I keep telling people if they see anything they like, they better grab it, because I can't make any promises as to the inventory situation as Christmas draws near..... admin 2/7/2017
I definately hope you guys start reproducing helmets! I'm sure I'm not the only collector with lots of doughboys that have holes in their heads, needing to be covered! Audrey 9/5/2017
Been punching out the helmets for ages now! For some reason, not that many people ask for them....Will have the replacement parts section up & running by Thanksgiving, you can order them there! admin 10/11/2017
Will you be making anymore of the Barclay prototypes in the near future? mail carrier or soldier with pack mule ? I have purchased some of these in the past and they are some of my favorites. roger kennedy 2/10/2017
Thanks for keeping the Barclay tradition alive and expanding the line with the prototypes. roger kennedy 3/16/2017
Not too sure....the market for the doughboys has been pretty soft the past couple of years, and with the costs of molds escalating, the break even point is questionable.....Honestly, on a GOOD year, the military stuff has never accounted for more than 10% of sales, it's always been pretty much a labor of love, and right now, the only thing keeping the doughboy line alive, is the fact that I personally like it, and it relieves the tedium of constantly making Christmas & Winter figures. admin 2/10/2017
I have a sled with two children like the vintage classics. Do you make one of those? Could use another. Think is an older child and toddler or baby. They look like have a blanket over them. Another similar is a boy pulling a sled with a child or pair of children on it. (We always had a small wite as the sled pull.)Could take a picture when I dig out the Xmas stuff. -you prob already have them and I just don t see them. (Replacement skis would be great). Love the horse n sled. Just like my original :) Carrie Rowles 11/26/2017
Funny, I've been making that set for years, and I just noticed it never made it to the website....must have gotten lost when we transitioned from the old website to the new one.....Perfect example of the problems with being a small operation, never enough time to devote to updates, mailings, etc..... Glad you like the Sleigh Set you bought, hopefully, I'll find time to get the Man Pulling Kids set up soon! admin 11/27/2017
Hello, today is April 7, 18, and I am wondering how to navigate this website in order to see all of your Christmas ornaments. It doesn t seem to work. ?? Susan Boudin Susan Boudin 4/8/2018
You want to go to the "Christmas Corner" tab, then once you open that, there are sub-categories, which will have either "Vintgae Look", "New Look", "Milk Glass Bulbs", etc......compared to what's listed on eBay, I don't have much on the web right now, I have to update the website.....which is part of the reason a new web-site may be here, later in the year - the site I have now, can't be integrated with eBay, which would be a great feature, since I wouldn't have to list everything twice & keep track of two separate inventories..... admin 4/9/2018
Great!! Art Donley 1/24/2017
I read all your posts. Replacement parts are a great idea. I need some. Good luck in the new year. Love your figures, just like mine from my childhood. Tony Candela 1/22/2017
Thanks for making the replacement parts. I hope you make replacement antlers for 4018, I am sure a lot of people need them. Like me. Ellen 1/22/2017
Wow, just read that the doughboys are less than 10% of your sales! I really hope that does deter you from making more of your new creative inspirations! I love them and look forward to working with you soon on a order. John 11/26/2017

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