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Posted by Big Chief Barclay

Well, hopefully, I cracked this blog thing, and you out there in "Web-Land" will be reading this, and liking it.....The blog feature, which I call "The Barclay Bugle", is a new adventure for me, so please, bear with me, feel free to join in, and hopefully, we can have some fun here, in addition to me keeping you up to speed with what's going on here.....Like I keep telling people at all the trade shows I attend, that whole "small company that got stuck in time" thing isn't some shtick, that's really the way I run the office & shop....This first post will be short & sweet, as I don't know if this is going to work or not, so, in the words of that grat philosopher, Jackie Gleason.....And awaaaay we go!
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Hi! I played with my Mom's set when I was a kid. They are quite beat up. Can they be painted again and put back to the original colors? Do you do that with vintage pieces? Helena 11/22/2017
If, by "Do you do that with original pieces", you mean do I offer restoration services, then the answer is "No"....I don't get involved with custom work, as I'm just too busy trying to stay marginally behind, with my regular business operations. If you mean can it be done, in general, it's a matter of personal preference......Some collectors bristle at the thought of repainting originals, and others, who could really care less about any actual "value" (which, as far as I'm concerned, is a relative term) happily re-paint them, as they're only after a general look.......There's no correct answer, it's your little world you're creating, go with whatever makes you happy, and just have fun with it! admin 11/22/2017
Ok. I'll bite. Will you be adding any more figures to the Winter Classics this year? Tara 9/28/2016
Yes, quite a few, actually.....Be patient, and give me time to take the pics & edit them....We're a very small company, I do all the mold making, casting, etc myself, so, as you can imagine, it takes a little while for the new stuff to reach the web-site! admin 9/28/2016
My order of Winter Classic arrived yesterday and is even nicer than I anticipated. Delivery was fast, slightly over three weeks. I didn't expect it in time for Christmas. The figures are just like the ones I played with at my grandmother's house in the 1950's but the painting is better. I am looking forward to adding more figures to theses and the skier with one ski, sleigh with driver but no horse, and two complete skaters I inherited from Grandma! Price 12/13/2016

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