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WOW! Where did it go? What happened? It's over? My God, my head is spinning......Yet another Christmas Rush come & gone, and I still have no clue how it snuck up, then leapt past.

First, and MOST importantly, I want to thank all of my customers & followers. As you may know, and may be experiencing yourselves, this has been one hell of a year. This whole Co-Vid thing has been particularly acute here, and it's been a mixed blessing, as strange as it sounds. With it, nobody really wants to go out shopping, so they turned to the web....and they found us.....

Sales are up almost 40% over last year.....BUT.....I don't have the help I used to, so there's that much MORE work, to be done by that much LESS people.....Prescription for disaster? Yes & no.... Most of you have been patient & understanding, and already realize that you're not dealing with Amazon here. Under ideal circumstances, we move slower than everyone else, but this year has been, well, different.

I've had more than a few complaints & sour emails, but they've been the exception, and I'm still quite proud of the fact that I pulled this year's rush off in, ME...ALONE....a shade over 1200 orders.... that's TWELVE ME..ALONE... So if something didn't go quite right, I didn't jump on the phone every time it rang, I didn't get in touch with you fast enough....well, I apologize, I've kinda had my hands full over here....

Seems like it was only a few weeks ago, I was putting my "2020 To Do List" together. One one hand, a LOT has happened & can be checked off as major accomplishments (like finally getting my father's house off my back) but unfortunately, not many of them apply to my actual business here.

The new #-D scanner, 3-D printer, and CNC cutter, all continue to languish in a corner of the shop, all still unpacked, and un-tested.....Maybe I'll actually find the time to set everything up & master the learning curve.....yeah, maybe......

I wish I could tell everybody that I have some big, spectacular plans for next year, that will wow you & make your eyes pop out of your head, but, I can't.....and even if I could, I wouldn't....... My plans for next year are try to get Barclay back on an even keel, and make it what I wanted this year to be like, in the first place.

Another wish - I wish each and every one of you who may be reading this, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy, Healthy, and Safe New year..... I want to thank my old, continuing customers for their trust in us, as they've made us part of their holidays, and to me, that's a pretty big deal. It puts another light on all those orders, when I think that somehow, I've been connected to that many holiday, train sets, collections, etc. And, to my new customers, I hope you liked what you got, enough that I'll be seeing you again next year, and the years after that! And to EVERYBODY, whether you're a customer, or a casual observer, MERRY CHRISTMAS & THANK YOU!!!

...........OK, NOW I'm on vacation......somebody turn off the lights, please........

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Jeff, First congrats on making it through a tough year. Second rest and let the peace of the season comfort you and yours. Lastly, my order arrived and the first piece I found and opened? Santa on skis. Looks great - perfect. Thank you for your artisanship. The personal note said it all. A Happy Christmas and a happier New Year. Regards, AJD


Dec 19, 2020

Nice going man.Way to fire.

Thank You, very much.



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