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Burning The Midnight Oil

FINALLY pulling ahead on the back orders!

12:40 AM, and winding down for the day here......My wife is still not back in the shop for more than an hour or two, every other day, so I'm more or less flying solo this Christmas season....I'm pleased (and somewhat proud of myself, BTW) to report that I've been burning the midnight oil for the past week, and that week of 17+ hour days has shown of now, any orders receiver before Dec 1st have been shipped!! Some of you got lucky, and the smaller, easier to fill orders from December have already gone out.  Thanks to all of you who have been waiting quite patiently, I really do appreciate it! Starting tomorrow, I'll be working on the more recent stuff, and with any luck, by Friday, each and every order on my desk will be filled (that doesn't mean if you order next week, you'll get it, it means that if your order is in as of now, you stand a very good chance of getting it in time for Christmas!  It's been a real challenge, wrought with frustration & aggravation, and hopefully those of you who were waiting a while, found your figures to have been worth the wait....OK, time for me to close up shop here and get some rest, before I start the whole thing all over again tomorrow.......If I'm not a chain smoking alcoholic by the time this whole thing's over & done with, I'll be amazed........

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