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As I sit here with my coffee, while the news spews out panic & gloom, I just figured I'd touch base with my customers...... We're all doing well, relatively healthy, busy as usual, haven't run out of food or toilet paper, so I guess we're weathering this Corona thing OK so far.

About the only events that are relevant to business, is the fact that all schools are now closed here on Long Island, and stores are expected to follow suit by the end of this week. Basically, what that means is, there might be an additional delay in orders, since now I'll have my kid home all day, with the numerous interruptions that kids inevitably bring.

The other impact this has, is that I'm cancelling all the toy & train shows I had planned to attend this Spring, which includes the big TCA show in York, Penn......I just can't risk taking the time to prepare properly & pack everything, only to have it canceled at the last minute. Especially since I just saw on the news this afternoon, that they are closing all non-essential businesses in Penn for two weeks (at least)...The way things are shaping up here on Long Island, they're talking about having curfews, etc in place until possibly June.

So far, there has been no talk of the postal system shutting down, so we're still good there. I'll be working behind the scenes, making new molds, and scouting out new products, etc, and finally updating the paper catalog, so when this thing finally blows over, we can hopefully make up for some lost time!

Best wishes to all of you, stay healthy & happy!

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Agreed. TCA in York will be cancelled. Hunker down and enjoy time with the kids.Thanks for update.

Regards, AJD


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