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Your Fight Is Over, Rest In Peace Dad

It is with great sadness that I must announce my father's passing. After a long & difficult battle with cancer, he went peacefully & comfortably, yesterday morning.....While we all saw it coming from a mile away, when it finally does happen, the reality of the thing hits you.....He was one of the spark-plugs here, keeping me going when things got difficult, and even though I think he never really "got" what I did, his enthusiasm and sense of wonderment was always a welcome addition to the shop..While things here will keep running without him, they'll never be quite the same, just like an engine running with a missing spark-plug, it'll still function, just never 100% the way it used to...Many of you may remember him helping me at various toy or trade shows, his presence & company there will be greatly missed, and a valuable & cherished memory....Thanks Dad, for EVERYTHING, and thank you to my customers, for being understanding & co-operative during what is going to prove to be one of the most difficult times of my life......oh, and the cute little guy with the hat is me.......

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