Measures approx. 3" tall. Now you can finally expand your collection, or start a whole new diorama! Colors shipped are the same as those shown. All Barclay figures are painted with a gloss enamel finish for that classic "tinplate" look. If you prefer a more realistic finish, just spray with "Dul Cote", which is available at any hobby shop. The original of this figure is a complete mystery to collectors. It has very strong Manoil styling, yet there are no records of it among surviving Manoil company records. Only three original examples are known, and the estimated value of each is in excess of 3 thousand dollars! Using photos of an original as our guide, we sculpted a new master for this "rarest of the rare" piece. We were not out to make a dead ringer copy, but rather, we wanted to capture the flavor of the original.

#6017 - Nurse Pushing Wheelchair

SKU: 6017