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NET Compact Framework. Microsoft Encarta was released on November 23, 1993. An accompanying Macintosh CD-ROM version was released on the same date. Microsoft Encarta 2 was released on June 21, 1995. It added new multimedia content, including audio, music, and video clips. The multimedia content is made available using a special database which maps multimedia content to corresponding entries in Encarta 2. The release was accompanied by a version for MS-DOS and Windows 3.0, as well as an Encarta 2 Add-In for Macintosh. The Encarta 2 database is integrated in Windows 95. In 1997, a CD-ROM version of Microsoft Encarta 3, was released. Later, in 1998, a DVD version was also released. Microsoft Encarta 3 also included a version for Macintosh with Windows and Windows 98 compatible interfaces, as well as a Mac/Windows version. On August 31, 2000, Microsoft released Microsoft Encarta 4. It included a Windows 2000 compatible GUI for Windows NT users, a new CD-ROM which was fully compatible with the prior CD-ROMs, and a new DVD-ROM which replaced the old version. It also included an update to the Mac and Macintosh versions. In 2001, Microsoft Encarta 5 was released, and in 2003, Microsoft Encarta 6 was released. These versions were both Windows-only, and did not include a version for Mac OS or for Windows XP. They also did not include CD-ROM versions. In addition, Windows Media Player version 9 could be used to view Encarta on Windows XP and later versions of Windows. In 2004, Microsoft released the Encarta 3.5 update. It added more content, including more multimedia content. Encarta 3.5 was released as a Macintosh and Windows version, as well as DVD-ROM versions for each. A version for the Linux operating system was also released. On May 31, 2005, Microsoft released the Encarta 5.0 update, which included over 1,000 new topics. This update included new features such as an internet access feature, search, Microsoft Research News, and a Flickr integration. The update also removed the "Encarta Links" button. Encarta 3.5 and Encarta 5.0 were discontinued on June 20, 2009. After that date





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Download Encarta Encyclopedia 2010 Full Version

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