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     For over three generations, the Barclay name has been synonymous with cast metal soldiers and figures. All of your favorite Dimestore soldiers, Winter & Christmas figures, model railroad figures, and circus figures are back, in an outstanding variety of colors and styles. In addition to all of your old favorites, we're equally proud to offer you many new styles as well.

     All of our products have that quality "vintage feel" that only comes from being entirely hand made using traditional production methods. From the making of our molds, right up to the final coat of paint, you can rely on Barclay's craftsmen to deliver the quality you want.

     With over 1000 different figures available, you're sure to find something to your liking:

In addition to our hand crafted metal figures, we also carry other unique and wonderful products, all sure to elicit happy, nostalgic memories. Whether it's ornaments for the tree, figures and toys for under the tree, or a visit with your childhood memories, we can help!

    WHO WE ARE: We are a small, family owned company. We make just about everything we sell, ourselves. Nine times out of ten, the person who you talk to on the phone, or answers your emails or letters, is the same person who did the mold making, casting, or painting, of the figures you ordered. We like to believe we offer top quality products, at a decent price. Even for the products we don't make ourselves, we try to source them from small, independent, family owned companies, just like us.

    WHO WE AREN'T: We're NOT some big box company, importing things in by the container-load. You won't find "Black Friday Super Mega Bonanza Sales", you won't find all sorts of fancy web graphics & catalogs. We're NOT Amazon or Walmart, so please don't expect to place an order on Saturday night, and have it in your mailbox on Monday.....We're just regular people like you, trying to do our job as best we can, and we ask that you understand we go through the same trials & tribulations & busy season that you do....You won't find fancy packing, or all the hype & glitz others use, to try to gloss over a mediocre product.... but, most importantly, you won't find the same old stuff that everyone else is trying to sell.....and, you will find people who care, and appreciate your business......if it weren't for YOU, we wouldn't be here today!!

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