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A Rare Peek Inside the Shop

Greetings, fellow time travelers (why else would you be here, if you weren't a fan of times past?) and quarantines....Thought maybe you'd enjoy a bit of behind the scenes action.....this is sort of a test run, never posted videos to my blog before, hopefully it works....if you want to see more what my son used to call "makey movies", let me know.... I don't know what you want, unless you tell me!

Making molds frames...that "small family owned business that got lost in time" thing isn't some publicity / advertising shtick, that's really the way things are here...

My son got bored, so I give him something to do....this is the little guy who had all those operations last year, he's on the mend, and putting all that in his rearview mirror of life....

Some final touch ups on the mold frame..... (you might want to lower the volume on your computer, this phase of the process is fairly loud & annoying)