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And Awaaaaay We Go!!

The busy season is upon us!

And so, now with Halloween behind us, we shift into high gear, and I turn to the blog, to keep customers informed as to what's happening here in Barclay-Ville. As of now, everything's under control, and orders are going out pretty fast, so if you have an order in mind, now's a good time to get it in. It always amazes me how fast things can get un-hinged and backed up, but right now, I'm enjoying what passes for a "casual" 12 hour day here. Once Thanksgiving approaches, we shift out of high gear, and go into overdrive, and we go roughly 14-16 hours a day, seven days a week.       As usual, like most of you are probably doing, too, I'm sitting here, wondering where this year went. I know from the looks of the website, it seems like there hasn't been much happening lately, but that's because most of the work has been "back shop" kind of work, things like re-doing the shop, making new molds, taking new pictures, etc.  I'm hoping to have paper copies of catalogs available early next year, you'll be able to order them on the web-site. One of the MAJOR setbacks of the year, was the loss of the man who did our sculpting. He was an old-line model maker, who worked with a few of the major companies, way back when.....unfortunately, he passed away at the age of 96 over the summer, so now I'm scrambling, trying to find a new model maker who can duplicate his style, so there is a good line of continuity between his work and the new pieces.      Hopefully, I'll be able to find the time to post more blog stuff as well. From the many emails I received, and those of you who I've chatted with at toy & train shows, it seems like many of you enjoy reading my random ramblings. Well, that's it for now, fellow Barclidians. Time to get back to my work, as the melting pot is finally up to temperature.

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