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Back In The Saddle, Again ...

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

FINALLY getting things back to what passes for normal around here!

To address everyone's #1 concern right now, ORDERS:   Nothing to worry about, your order didn't get lost, nothing mysterious or nefarious  going on...I had planned to reopen the shop after my Christmas break, on Jan 8th, 

but the family got walloped with the Flu or the plague or something, and I was laid up for about a week & a half, so I got back later than expected.  During the break, the orders from the website & eBay kept coming in, and when I finally got back,there was a mountain of about 100 orders waiting.... Starting to catch up & make a good dent in things now, your order should be going out this week. ...As far as Paypal & being charged, that's something I wish I could control....the new "big thing" with the web hosts, security wise, is that the less people  that handle charge information, the when you place an order, the charge goes through, and I don't even know what card you used, or anything.  Sometimes I get people calling to add things, and they tell me to "put it on my card", which I can't do, because I don't have ANY of that information.  It's really starting to annoy me, I liked my old website better, because I used to be able to set it up that all the charge info went into a "pending" pile, and I could run the charge manually, right before the order was shipped.... As for NEW PRODUCTS:   YES! They're on the way!!  Still need time to take pictures of everything & clean them up....As always, stay tuned & check back often, this is a work in progress!

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