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Trying To Go Back In Time...

This'll be a real quick one......

Technical question that maybe somebody out there can answer/provide insight to: Are there any payment gateways, web commerce shopping carts (not sure which end it would be done on) that do NOT automatically submit the card data to be processed & charged? I need something like I had 15-20 years ago, where the orders can go into a sort of "holding pen", then I can manually charge them just before shipment.... I'm getting more than a little tired of having to explain to customers how the system works, when they give me that "Where's my stuff, you certainly didn't waste any time charging my order".....I don't care if it costs more to do the manual entry, the extra 1% processing fee is worth it, not to have to explain this at least twice a week now....... This "New face of credit card security" is nothing but a royal pain in the hiney.... I understand the customer wants a "one step, seamless shopping experience", but that doesn't mean I want everything to be automated on my end!

Thanks, just thought I'd throw it out there, in hopes that maybe somebody knows somebody who knows somebody.......

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