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"Where'd All The Houses Go ?"

Short answer to a very popular question, as of late.....

"Where'd All The Houses Go?".......I find myself answering that question roughly every other day, so hopefully, some of you out there in "Web-Land" will find this, and save both of us some time & trouble....   Our entire inventory of the houses in our "Vintage Village" collection, was bought out by "Brady's Train Outlet", of Greensburg, Penn....... The houses haven't been transferred to them yet, so give them some time to get everything moved & sorted out, it's going to be quite a job for both of us!  Once the inventory has been moved, I'll post their contact information, should you wish to purchase any houses from them.   The natural follow up question everyone seems to have is: "When are you going to get more houses?"...I honestly don't know, the logistics behind getting them in, and the minimum ordering quantities from the new suppliers, are a little frightening......The last container I brought in, cost over six thousand dollars, just to clear it through customs, and moved the 50 miles from the docks to our place.....And, technically, the merchandise is "duty free", meaning there's no import taxes attached....good thing, too, if there were, it might have been expensive.....

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