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Dimensions: approx. 10" tall x 19.5" wide x 3" deep


This handmade traditional German advent calendar folds out to an impressive 10” x 19.5” x 3” and is a great way to celebrate Weihnachten. Crafted in Giliching, Germany, this 3-D advent calendar features a traditional motif of an Alpine village near Munich. The detailed picture has 24 doors, each with a small illustration behind it. Children delight as they open a door each day and countdown to Christmas.

This Advent Calendar Does Not Come with Candy or Chocolate.

The craftsmen at Korsch Verlag in Giliching, Germany have created a stunning illustration with glittering snow accents on this folding Advent calendar. A German church and ski chalet lie nestled on the wooded slopes of the Alps south of Munich. Children ski, sled and ice skate as a glittering light snow begins to fall. The scene is reminiscent of a traditional Alpine Christmas, and is a beautiful sight.

Traditional Korsch Verlag Advent Calendar

The tradition of the advent calendar dates back to 1851 in the Protestant parts of Germany. The first advent calendar with small doors was made in the early 1900’s and the tradition continues to this day. Korsch Verlag continues their tradition of creating beautiful advent calendars with this 3-D folding Alpine scene. A tip from the manufacturer: A burning candle near the calendar will make the glitter shimmer a brighter and give off a cozy Christmas atmosphere.

3-D German Advent Calendar - "Alpine Christmas"

SKU: ADV-11584

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