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Measures approx 3" tall - You asked for it, we did it! Finally, a larger size Santa to match the scale of our "Large Scale" figures! For this one, we didn't use use the original Barclay piece as our model, but rather, we sculpted a brand new master from scratch! He's riding on tinplate skis, just like the original! *** PLEASE NOTE - DUE TO THE SIZE AND SHAPE OF THIS FIGURE, WE COULD NOT CAST IT IN METAL, AS IT WOULD BE TOO HEAVY AND THE MOLDS TO GET HOLLOW FIGURES ARE COST PROHIBITIVE. RATHER THAN METAL, WE CAST THIS IS RESIN, BUT WITH THE GLOSS PAINT, YOU CAN'T SEE THE DIFFERENCE UNLESS YOU PICK IT UP *** All Barclay figures are painted with a gloss enamel finish for that classic "tinplate" look. If you prefer a more realistic finish, just spray with "Dul Cote", which is available at any hobby shop.

#4016 - Large Santa On Skis

SKU: 4016