Now you can re-live memories of Christmas past with "Doubl-Glo" bulb covers! Enjoy the classic holiday experience without risking your valuable originals! Safer and more energy efficient than the old bulbs! Made by Barclay, these bulb covers act two ways: They come with a standard style crown cap and loop, so you can hang them like regular Christmas tree ornaments. Or, should you prefer to make them glow with all the realism of an antique bulb, simply slip them onto any "midget" type or small LED light string, and they'll softly glow just like the originals! We use actual original bulbs as our guide, sculpt new master patterns, then create new molds. Unlike the originals however, we cast ours in a high quality thin shell porcelain, which perfectly emulates the look and feel of milk glass! We even sculpted the look of a screw base on them! Every time we display these at trade shows, people do a double or triple take, they're that close to the originals! Measures approx 3" tall, not including "screw cap" Comes individually packed in a vintage style box.

#BC-030 - Old Time Comic Character "Milk Glass" Bulb Cover - Jeff

SKU: BC-030a