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*** MEASURES APPROX 5" tall x 2 3/8" wide (overall measurements, which includes pike & clip)***

  The figure shown is #BG-07/07e, "Santa Claus w/ Tree, Bright Red". This line comes from the shop of Michael Haberland, who in addition to being a friend, is also a very accomplished glassblower of the "old school". In my opinion, his work represents what makes the older ornaments so charming....Jut enough detail to make them interesting, but not too much, so they become overly gaudy & busy, like Radko's stuff. Michael continues the family business, going back to his great grandparents, and in some cases, he's still using some of their molds & tools! I'm fortunate to know him, as he is one of the very few independent cottage workers left in Lauscha. That alone makes these special, and to me, you really can't put a price on that intangible "Lauscha connection"....To hold one of these, you're truly connecting with the past! If that isn't enough, the quality / price ratio just can't be beat! You're getting true German pieces, for little more than some of the garbage coming in from China!  These ornaments offer a fantastic way to introduce your friends and family to the wonderful world of "old fashioned" ornaments, without spending a small fortune! Buy a few, and show people there's more out there than what they see in Home Depot or Target!

 Please contact us if you have any question. Thanks for looking, and BE SURE TO CHECK OUT OUR OTHER ITEMS FOR MORE NEAT-O STUFF!!!!!

#BG-07/07e - Santa Claus w/ Tree, Bright Red

SKU: BG-07/07e

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