Measures approx 4 1/2" tall x 2" wide - NOTE: In the picture, the WWII German symbol has been blocked out so as not to offend anyone, the actual pieces do have the marking...While somewhat shocking when viewed from our 21st Century American perspective, we must remember that these rare ornaments were originally made for the German domestic market, and it really wasn't much different than us putting an "Uncle Sam" or other patriotic symbol on our trees. *** THESE IN NO WAY REFLECT OUR POLITICAL OR SOCIAL BELIEFS, WE ONLY CARRY THEM AS HISTORIC ARTIFACTS FOR THE DIE-HARD CHRISTMAS COLLECTOR WHO INSISTS ON HAVING EXAMPLES OF THESE PIECES ***   Even these reproductions are a rarity: One of the glassblowers we deal with has a complete set of molds for the "war era" ornaments, as his great-grandfather was one of the few blowers who made them in the 1930's. He was hesitant, but finally agreed to make a VERY limited number for us, because the molds are starting to fail, if you look at the parting lines, they are becoming very evident, they wouldn't have been noticeable when new, and should the molds break due to the tremendous stress put on them due to the heating & cooling, they can never be re-made due to the subject matter, so when these are gone, that's it! One of the most unique & interesting lines we've come across in our search for hand blown German ornaments! When we first saw these, we thought the glassblower was sending us pictures of things his grandfather made, just to confirm that this was the sort of thing we were looking for....In a tiny shop, two 3rd generation master craftsmen create these "vintage" pieces, using molds handed down through the years. They carefully age each piece, soaking classic style caps and clips in a solution to lightly rust them, then they dull down the silvered finish and mute the lacquers used in painting...the result is an ornament that blends in perfectly when you display your originals! This small shop has a large collection of rare and unique molds, allowing the collector to fill in the blanks spots due to the high costs of the originals, or the novice can start their collection with these, and move up to the originals as money permits...

#BG-W011 - "War Era" Ornament - Tank

SKU: BG-W011