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Dimensions: 8"H x 11.5"W x .1"D . This advent calendar has glitter accents.

    This German advent calendar depicts angels coming from the heavens while, Gnomes ride in from the woods with wagons overflowing with Christmas presents. Angels stop to feed and pet fawns and bunnies under the clear winter sky while the Gnomes cross the wooden bridge over the river.  The windows of the small snow covered town church glow warmly.
    The tradition of the advent calendar dates back to 1851 in the Protestant parts of Germany. The first advent calendar with little doors was printed in the early 1900's and continues today.
    This calendar was printed in Germany, by the Korsch-Verlag Co., near Munich. Founded by Adolf Korsch Verlag in 1951.  Carefully selected motifs have been published every year, imaginatively down to the smallest detail, exclusively and lovingly illustrated by the artist's hand, accompanying you through the most beautiful time of the year.
    The detailed picture has 24 little doors to open. Each door has a little picture behind it. The tradition is to open one door each day from December 1 thru December 24. Children love to open a door a day as they count down to Christmas.

Does Not come with candy or chocolate

German Advent Calendar - Angels, Gnomes & Animals

SKU: ADV-10106

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