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*** MEASURES APPROX 1 1/8" tall x 1 3/4" wide ***

   The figure shown is #GF-083, "Lady Pulling Market Sled 2". Originally made in Nuremberg, Germany using molds of engraved slate, "flats" have long been a cherished part of every traditional Christmas village or putz display. Unfortunately, the devastation wrought on Nuremberg during WW II claimed almost all of the delicate original molds. We took the best surviving originals we could find, and using them as our guide, we created all new molds for these exquisite figures! We make them just as the originals were: cast one at a time, followed by hand painting in bright enamels, then, for the ultimate nostalgic touch, each base is liberally dusted with genuine German ground glass glitter! Contrary to popular myth, most of the figures like this the that come up for sale were NOT made by Heinrichsen.. They were made by another German firm called Hinsch sometime between the 1870's and WW II (hence the H on the base). I have been in contact with descendants of the Heinrichsen family, and have inquired about this and many other figures, and they have no records or recollection of these figures, According to them, the scale is wrong, because Heinrichsen figures are a smaller size. Unfortunately, Heinrichsen has become a catchall phrase for German flats, much in the same way that any lead soldier is immediately a Barclay!

   Please contact us if you have any question. Thanks for looking, and BE SURE TO CHECK OUT OUR OTHER ITEMS FOR MORE NEAT-O STUFF!!!!!

GF-083: Lady Pulling Market Sled 2

SKU: GF-083

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