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*** Measures approx 4 1/2" tall x 4" wide ***

   One of the most unique & interesting lines I've come across in my search for hand blown German ornaments! When I first saw these, I thought the glassblower was sending me pictures of things his grandfather made, just to confirm that this was the sort of thing I was looking for...
   In a tiny shop, two 3rd generation master craftsmen create these "vintage" pieces, using molds handed down through the years. They carefully age each piece, soaking classic style caps and clips in a solution to lightly rust them, then they dull down the silvered finish and mute the lacquers used in painting...the result is an ornament that blends in perfectly when you display your originals!
   This small shop has a large collection of rare and unique molds, allowing the collector to fill in the blanks spots due to the high costs of the originals, or the novice can start their collection with these, and move up to the originals as money permits...

 Please contact us if you have any question. Thanks for looking, and BE SURE TO CHECK OUT OUR OTHER ITEMS FOR MORE NEAT-O STUFF!!!!!

Wire Wrapped Santa Boat w/ Reflector -Nostalgic Hand Blown Glass Ornament


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