Does Anybody Read Anything I Post??

Posted by Big Chief Barclay

So....I just got off the phone for the third time today, with a customer inquiring about his order....When I informed him of the backlog, and what's been going on over here, he expressed surprise, followed by a terse "You could have at least notified your customers".......Which, in turn, led us down the path, to which this blog entry is titled.......I'm just curios - How many of my customers take time to read my blog, and the messages on the homepage, and how many people just see the tabs at the top, and jump right in shopping, little realizing that we're not Amazon over here.....Your thoughts and comments would be appreciated, so I know I'm not just wasting my time, blathering on to empty cyberspace...........
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I've been a customer of yours for many years and you do a great job of filling my orders. Tony Candela 1/22/2017
Hello - just received several of your winter scene figures and they are lovely. Is the paint less likely to chip if I give them a coat of the "Dul Cote" or any gloss clear coat? I am guessing the figures will be played with by many a grandchild! M. Canonico 11/4/2017
Well, any paint is going to chip, even if given an additional clear coat. "Dul Cote" is a special finish that will kill any gloss to the paint, and make the finish flat (matte)....PLEASE kep in mind, that our figures are still cast in a traditional pewter alloy WHICH CONTAINS LEAD....We offer them as adult collectibles, not as children's toys..... admin 11/5/2017
We enjoy the products that you offer. Worth the wait!!! Perfect condition and matches the sets. Eric 10/14/2017
October 10, 2017 Now that I know you're here, I will follow this. This all looks FANTASTIC! Jeff Keenan Docent Historical Society of Carnegie History Center and Honus Wagner Sports Museum Jeff Keenan 10/10/2017
Yes just found your the makers of our state party ! 11 figures . Your doing a great job. WE are going to be ordering soon. really like your website. Best in the New Year..Paul & Penny in Colorado.... Paul D Narlesky 1/22/2017
Well, I just read your post and I'm not even a customer as of yet... Soon2Be Customer 12/13/2016
YAY! Glad to have you aboard, and welcome to the family, so to speak! admin 12/14/2016
How do I order a catalog of your products? There was no other way to contact you and nothing on the order form, either. I would appreciate the information or the catalog, whichever works. Thank you. Albert Smith 10/20/2017
Not sure what you mean - The order form has our phone & fax numbers, as well as email.....Paper catalogs are on hold right now, as I'm re-taking all the pictures & massively re-vamping the numbering system, etc...I'm shooting for late Spring of next year to have it all ready.... admin 10/23/2017
Hello! Will you tell me what kind of paints I should purchase in order to paint some ornaments of my own? I can t seem to find paint is metallic or whatever the kind is that you use on the ornaments. Would welcome any help! Susan Susan Boudin 4/8/2018
By "ornaments", do you mean blown glass that hang on the tree, or the metal figures I make? Part of my plans for later in the year, do include offering paints & craft supplies....please advise, so I know how to better answer.... admin 4/9/2018

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