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Back In the Shop, All Bright Eyed, Bushy-Tailed, & Overflowing With Enthusiasm....

Finally back in the shop, after taking my usual post-Christmas break (yay.) I know many of you have been trying to reach me during my absence (at least judging from some of the messages left, with ever increasing hostility) Sorry, I don't check messages or emails when I'm gone, because, quite honestly, by the time the Christmas rush is over, I hate this place & the thought of it!

Well, rest easy, the Big Chief is back, so things will start to move along soon, just give me a few days to assess the wreckage & figure out what needs making, etc. Not gonna start with a whole "New Year, Big New Plans" thing, let's just all hope that things return to what used to pass for normal here!

Hopefully, the website updates & re-design will start next month, and I'm still working on rectifying the "automatic charge" when you order thing (I waste so much time trying to explain that to people, it's not funny anymore) - unfortunately, there's absolutely no way to go back to the old system, but I may have found a semi-suitable alternative, yet, still not what would be best for both me & my customers.

Anyway, just a quick check-in with you guys out there in Barclay-Land, let me start cleaning up the mess from last year! Happy New Year, everybody!

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