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As you know, my family and I have been looking to re-locate off Long Island, for some time now. Well, with the offer we submitted, it looks like that's going to happen this year, which is GREAT NEWS!!

We're heading down to Delaware, where our taxes will be insanely lower (our property taxes will actually be 90% lower) and we'll be down by the large Amish population, so hopefully, there may be a pool of people who still have the skills and mindset to help me, which is more GREAT NEWS!!

And now, for the NOT-SO-GREAT news: Unfortunately, with all the zoning, insurance, and other regulations that I've come across in all the states and towns we looked at, my idea for a retail store / living museum, will not be happening. Too many hurdles, people hear metal casting, they immediately get visions of bronze or iron foundries, they hear paint, they start throwing all kinds of environmental restrictions at you, and I can't even imagine what would happen if they heard "lead".... I'd wind up being a one man super-fund site.... Maybe, sometime down the line, as I still like the idea of having a little shop.

With moving, comes packing, and rebuilding & organizing the new workshop, and with that, comes the next bit of NOT-SO-GOOD NEWS. As you can probably imagine, the business comes with a LOT of inventory, tools, molds, equipment, supplies, both production & office wise, there's a heck of a lot of "stuff" (to put it politely) that needs to be packed, moved, unpacked, organized, etc....and the only way to do that, is things here will have to be shut down for a while, so I can devote my full time to the move.

I don't know when I'll officially be "pulling the plug" for the move, but I can safely say I really doubt I can have everything back online and running in time for the Christmas Rush. I'll definitely keep everyone posted on how things progress, hopefully, I can pull this off fairly quickly & smoothly, but something's telling me this is going to be "The Summer Of Xanax"..... As always, thanks for your understanding, continued support, and patience!

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the evil word taxes I hope you get it will be watching I have a couple more orders to put in.

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Yeah, really.... Just the property tax savings, is like me getting a 17k / year raise!!


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