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House Hunting, And Other "Fun"

Just returned from a house hunting / business relocation safari, in Delaware of all places. Never really thought Delaware would appear on the radar, all I ever thought of it, was that it was that state that screwed up traffic on the way down South, so they could clip everybody for a buck & a quarter for the Delaware Tpke...and it was also that place that all the credit card companies headquartered in, so they could chargeinterest rates on par with usury (my apologies to residents of DE)

Originally, we were looking to go further South, more like GA or the Carolinas, but, as some of you know from our interactions, life has a habit of getting in the way of plans. Delaware is looking like the "sweet spot", because my father-in-law is in the final stages of Alzheimer's, and my wife's been busy buzzing back and forth, helping her mom deal with that (which is another reason for some of the delays you've been experiencing, she's quite literally, the other half of the work-force here) So DE is close enough to her family, yet far enough so that at least some of the BS associated with living in NY, starts to dissipate.

Saw some pretty interesting places, all represent a fairly substantial down-sizing & simplifying of our lifestyle, but still nice places, none-the-less...... Most amazing is the property taxes, one full year down there, is literally less than what I'm paying now every year there, will get me 3.25 weeks here.... Also interesting, is I never realized that DE had such a large Amish population.... One of the areas where we saw a place we really liked, would be like living down in Lancaster in PA... If we bought the place my wife really likes, our neighbor would be an Amish guy, complete with buggy..... Time to line up some more viewings......

In other good news, my friends Iryna and Andrii are back on the scene, the war has moved on from there section of the Ukraine, they're both safe & well for now. So hopefully, we can start doing some much needed updating of the website and actually get around to updating the paper catalogs that so many of you have been requesting.

On the medical front, the PT guy says that finger I loused up in the "great sleigh ride" (or, as my kid now calls it, "The Sleigh-ride of Doom", is healing pretty nicely, but in terms of fully going back to normal, still shaky on that one, could be another year before that happens, if at all.

So there you have it, another installment in the goings on in the wonderful (?) world of Barclay!

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Glad to hear about the finger andyour possible new location. Looking forward to updates.


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