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An Angle The News Leaves Out

Interesting little tidbit I learned yesterday, when I ventured to the Post Office, to put traces out on some "missing" packages.... I was talking to the postmaster & got some eye opening info that the public never hears about.....the news is full of Corona stories that focus on the medical and financial ends, but we never hear about the postal end of things.....From what my Post Master said, first and foremost, they are grossly understaffed right now, as workers are either sick or taking leaves from fear of getting sick .

He said "Take everything you know about shipping times, and throw it out the window, updates and new regs are coming in almost daily, It's like we're fighting in WW II again" Most small parcels that go out via 1st Class Mail, are shipped by air, in the holds of regular commercial airliners. 90% of all flights have been grounded, so some of those missing packages are most likely sitting in some plane that's just sitting on a runway somewhere.

It's reached the point where mail is being gathered at regional distribution centers, and instead of being taken to airports, it's being loaded into tractor trailers & just driven cross country instead, because it reduces the risk of stuff just being stopped dead in its tracks at some airport, so even though things are being delayed, at least they're still moving somewhat...

Which explains part of the reason my production is slowing down, I'm waiting for supplies that usually show up insides of 5 working days, and they're going into 2 weeks now. Plus, I usually have a couple part timers helping me, but now with the mandatory quarantine, I'm flying solo, so to I guess the moral here is, we ALL need to be patient, because we're all being affected by this in some way....

Stay safe & more importantly, stay happy & positive.....this, too, shall pass......

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