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** Communique From Barclay GHQ **

It has come to my attention, that many of you have been trying to contact us, to no avail. Upon looking into this problem, it appears the phone system we had, would drop calls, and somehow wipe the messages (don't ask me how, electronics elude me, I'm still trying to figure out how radio tubes work) Either that, or when I do answer the call, the connection is so bad, it's like some scene from an old movie, where somebody's trying to make a trans-Atlantic call, screaming to be heard above the static.

As many of my longtime customers are aware, during the Christmas Rush (which actually started the day after Labor Day, seems like every year it comes earlier & more fierce, but that's a whole blog for another time) during the busy season, we're in the workshop almost exclusively, and only in the office for a couple hours over the week-end. The shop & office are in two different locations, and the phone lives in the office, so messages would usually lay there for a few days.

With everyone now measuring time in nano-seconds, I guess our old mode of doing things, where time is measured in hours and days, doesn't work anymore. I am changing the office line over to a cell phone account, so when I go to the work shop, the phone will now be able to go with me. Plus, being a cell #, if you don't want to leave a voice message, you will be able to text me. So Barclay has made another quantum leap to being only a few years behind everybody else now.....

The new Barclay office number will be: 631-599-4989 Please bear with us while we sort out the other details to get this line up & running. Thanks!

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