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Slowly Entering The 21st Century (a good 23 years after everybody else!)

Invested in a 3-D scanner & printer - Don't worry, I'm not forsaking metal castings, if there's a place where both can exist together, this is it...... Slowly but surely getting the hang of the 3-D printer, the better I get at it, the more my mind is blown, both from the fact that I'm mastering it, but more-so, from the technology itself......This (some file I downloaded from the web, to test the printer's capabilities) was printed in one piece, and that's exactly how smooth it comes out of the printer, all I did was snip off the supports.....

If this was a simpler figure, and I was using it for a mold pattern, to eventually make them in metal, I could just go from printer to mold making, with no real clean-up work at all....There's literally NO way humanly possible I could capture all that detail in metal, not to mention the fact, that this would have to be cast in about a dozen separate pieces & epoxied together....the filing time alone, would be stupendous..... REALLY starting to dig this technology......Somehow, I know my father would be grumbling about it, but deep down, he'd be just as impressed (if not more than I am)... Again, I'd like to stress that I believe this is a logical extension of our core figure business, and will come in handy for prototyping, etc, and NOT selling out our past, which I strive to maintain.....

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